How To Kill Cockroaches


No one likes cockroaches. Nobody likes them inside their home. They are simply flat-out, undesirable company. Now the question every person who has ever had an infestation of roaches has: How to Kill Cockroaches? There are lots of good and not so good products available on the market for killing cockroaches. Although most of these products work well at killing cockroaches, a number of steps have to be taken together with these products to properly eradicate the roaches. A thorough program must be put in place to make your home as inhospitable to these little vermin as you possibly can. Do You Have Cockroaches? To start with, and it may seem like a silly question, you have to determine if you have cockroaches in your house? If you see one, you’ll probably find a hundred or so more lurching around. They like to come out during the night time therefore you might have to look for them with a flashlight at night.

Cockroaches leave behind a path of excrement, consequently any sign of their waste (tiny brown stains or pellets) is a good indicator of an infestation. Seal Things Up Tight! Following that, you have to figure out where they are originating from and stop them! Seal off openings around pipes and vents with copper wool or foam sealer. Cracks around windows and doors have to be caulked. Door sweeps must be installed on doors to ensure that roaches are unable to crawl under them. Any hole or crack where you think cockroaches might be gaining entry to your home ought to be sealed. Now clean up clutter around your house. Cockroaches consume paper as well as the glue found in books and magazines. Eliminate paper and boxes and clean up the clutter where roaches love to hang out. Now, get rid of their food and water source. Clean your kitchen completely, using a degreaser on all surfaces. Repair leaking faucets and keep sink plugs over drains. Always keep food in plastic storage containers or zip lock bags. Get rid of rubbish from house as quickly as possible.

Do not leave pet food out through the night. Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: how to kill cockroaches. Initially, use a product that contains cypermerthrin, like Demon WP, to spray the exterior perimeter of your house. Make sure you spray a couple of feet up and out from the house and around all cracks and possible points of access. Next, place boric acid in the cracks and crevices where the cockroaches hide. Utilizing a mini hand duster helps make this task much easier. Take your time, using a flashlight to examine cracks. Blow the boric acid directly into all cracks and crevices wherever you think roaches maybe hiding. When in doubt, puff the boric acid into the crack. It typically takes 2 to 3 pounds of boric acid for a typical home. Now, following the directions, place a roach gel product(such as Maxforce) in cabinets, etc. Roach bait stations can also be used in sensitive areas. Following your initial surge, you will need to keep an eye on the situation since it typically takes more than one application to get rid of an infestation. Spread some roach traps, throughout your home (three or more per room). Examine traps every couple weeks. In the event that roaches begin to reappears again, follow the instructions above, starting with the boric acid. It is strongly recommended that, just like professionals do, you treat your home as described above once every 90 days. Staying on this kind of schedule will make sure your house is free of cockroaches once and for all!

People often get upset when they find German cockroaches in their home, especially when their home is spotless and next to immaculate. Roaches don’t need much food to thrive. Each German roach egg sac contains between 28-36 roaches. Once they hatch, they go from nymph to adult in 2 weeks and are ready to multiply again. If you get even 2 egg sacs hatched in your house, you’ve got yourself an infestation. Spraying roaches with an over-the-counter aerosol insecticide won’t do much to stop a growing population. Even applying a pesticide barrier around the outside or inside of your home doesn’t deter them either. You usually carry them right in through your front door in boxes, paper bags or crates. Where and how a pesticide is applied is an important part of getting an infestation under control. Many of the chemicals professional pest control companies use are actually less toxic and more environmental friendly than retail, over the counter pesticides. Yet, they’re also more effective in controlling and getting rid of targeted pests. A wet spray for highly infested areas would be recommended for the initial cleanout of German roaches. Spraying under sinks and in cabinets with a water based, low toxic solution (Suspend) would be the first step. Let it dry for about 3 hours before allowing pets and children back in the area. The second step would be the placement of roach bait stations (Maxforce) under sinks and in cabinets. Placements of these stations are critical to your success. Place the stations in corners under the sink and cabinets. I recommend placing it high in the cabinets rather than low. Stick them along the joints in dark areas. Replace them every month for the first 3 months then every 3 months after that.

One of the common household pests is the cockroaches. There are almost 3,500 known species of the cockroaches. They grow very well in humid, dark, moist and warm atmosphere. Basements and bathrooms of the houses are their favorite places to live and hide. Cockroaches create unhealthy conditions and filthy sanitary situations. These tiny harmful creatures cause asthma in children and contaminate food etc. Implementation of Pest control methods can be used to get rid of these small demons. It has never been easier to kill these pests because these creatures can withstand very harsh conditions. They usually hide in cabinets and small cracks between the walls. No matter there features are, these little insects need to be evacuated from the house as soon as possible. One of such method is to fill in the cracks in the walls and the cabinets. It can also be done by fixing the water leaks and storing the food properly. One of the easiest methods for this pest control is to vacuum the house on regular and frequent basis. Cluttered areas in the house such as cellars and the basement should be organized properly.