How To Get Rid Of Gnats Plus 4 Easy Prevention Tips


Are you looking around your kitchen and seeing a horde of little flying insects? Are you concerned about the potential health risks that may come with these little creatures that are covering your fruit bowl? I’m going to teach you how to get rid of that pesky gnats infestation! Before you can find the right solution for your gnat problem, you need to know what you are dealing with. A gnat is a small black or brown insect. They may look similar to a fly; however, they are smaller. Soapmaking at home allows you to create a fully custom bar of soap – and is surprisingly easy. These tiny pests are usually slender in their body with fragile and small wings. You may assume they are all fruit flies, but there are a variety of different types of adult gnats that may make their way into your home. In general, you may find that gnats are broken down into two primary categories: biting and non-biting varieties.

The gnats that get into your home are usually the non-biting varieties. Gnats are not strong fliers, so they may stick to one area of your kitchen or your home rather than moving around like a fly. Although gnats have many similarities, you should be aware that most homes are infested with three primary types of gnats: fruit flies, drain flies, and fungus gnats. The drain flies may also be called phorid flies. Identifying the type of gnats that may infest your house is a critical part of finding a solution to get rid of them. When you are looking into how to get rid of gnats, you want to focus on eliminating the right type of gnat. Fruit flies are often found in your kitchen and usually have a rounded brown body with red eyes. You will often notice these annoying pests hanging out above your fruit bowl. When I notice that fruit flies have made their way into my kitchen, I make sure to take measures to eliminate them before they are able to cause problems.

Drain flies differ from fruit flies in the way they appear. You may notice that some flies in your home look similar to small moths. The flies will spend time around your drains, so you can find them in any bathroom, your kitchen, or other spaces with a drain. The final type of gnat that you may notice in your home is a fungus gnat. The gnat has a long black body with long legs. You will notice that it seems to spend time around your potted plants or similar areas of your home. You may also see fungus gnats in your yard and garden, so be aware that this gnat is found in many different areas with soil. Although other types of gnats may fly in through an open door or window, they are usually found in outdoor spaces. The three primary types that you will find in your home are the ones to consider when you are looking for natural remedies to get rid of gnats. This could be my doorstep almost every day of the week before the holidays!

Gnats are a pest that commonly comes from an outdoor space. They are attracted to rotting fruit, damp soil, and similar environments. In most cases, they need a reasonable amount of moisture in the air to grow, live, and thrive. A humid environment with warm temperatures is ideal for most gnat species. They may get into your home from a variety of sources. For example, they can fly in through an open door or window. Due to their small size, gnat populations can also get in your home through small openings that you’ve overlooked. The exact source of the gnats in your home may vary. Generally, they stay around your home due to the items that attract them to your space, such as rotting fruits and vegetables, over-watered houseplants, or smells from your drains. When I notice gnats in my home, the first consideration is the type of gnat. When you want to get rid of gnats, it is easier to focus on eliminating their food source.

Since the foods that gnats in your home eat may vary based on the type of insect, identifying the pests is the first part of eliminating them. Fruit flies are an easy insect to address. Remove their food source by putting fruits and vegetables in your fridge or in an appropriate bin. They will not have access to the food, so they will leave your home. You also want to make sure you rinse any fresh produce you bring home from the store before you put it away, since the flies may get into your home by traveling on your purchases. See my article on how to get rid of fruit flies naturally for more info. Drain flies are attracted to items in your drains. If you want to get rid of their food source, then you must clear out your drains and garbage disposal. Flush out your drains with an appropriate drain cleaner. You may want to consider home remedies to clear out any clogged pipes or drains. If the problem persists after using a natural remedy, then consider a more powerful drain cleaner.