Demons Are Like Cockroaches


If you see a cockroach in your house and go over and squash it, what is your reaction? Are you relieved you killed the intruder or are you purposed to go after all its comrades you know must also be in proximity? 3. It’s more helpful to get rid of many of them and not just the ones that are visible. You might ask where I get this viewpoint from. Apart from practical experience in ministry, we also see this phenomenon in Scripture. Jesus, in Luke 8:27-39, was confronted by a man who was demonized. He made a brief inquiry of the man (“What is your name?”) and the demons responded, “Legion” because many demons had gone into him. When he was delivered by Jesus, we know that the demons, whatever the number, entered into the pigs and tormented them into driving themselves into a lake to drown. As a matter of interest, in the parlance of the time, the term “legion” was applied to a grouping of Roman soldiers. There were typically six thousand (!) soldiers in a Roman legion. Does that mean the man had six thousand demons?

We’ll not know the answer to that question this side of eternity however we can say that there was a sufficient number to drive a herd (of unknown size) of pigs to their demise! We have seen that often people, when they are seeking deliverance ministry, typically have more and different demonic strongholds than they might have surmised. Some are quite confident that they know the number and names of the spirits that they have and their list is often accurate but incomplete. They are even offended if we want to call out more! Coming back to our cockroach analogy, how many are comfortable only dealing with the vermin that they can see? Some ministries focuses on identifying specific spirits and trying to determine specific open doors. That can be a daunting and imprecise task! Another approach, which we believe is preferable, is focused on on trying to identify open doors rather individual spirits.

These doors can be identified during the course of homework and preparation. Once those open doors are closed then the person is more likely to receive a viable and lasting deliverance. By making the focus on closing open doors and calling out spirits from a strongholds list, it is much less likely that something will get missed. It is not at all unusual for us to people get set free from spirits they did not know they had. One one occasion, I called out a spirit of murder from a man and he (and I!) were very surprised at the manifestation. He did not have that stronghold circled on his list and there was no prior indication that he had that. Anger was a huge issue in his life but that other spirit had laid dormant. The fact is that demonic spirits, as part of their plan to kill, steal and destroy, are often able to hide successfully in people. As a result, a person can learn to cope and co-exist with these devils at best or try to medicate them at worst!

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